I'm so glad you're here.

My name is Audrey and I couldn't feel more grateful for the opportunity to show you a few things I've created.

I'm a photographer, videographer, hand-letterer, designer, branding enthusiast, and I love bringing people's ideas to life.

Bring entrusted to creatively execute your vision or capture your most precious moments through my lens is truly the greatest privilege on earth.

I'm currently a senior at Texas A&M University studying accounting and working on my Masters in Marketing. You're probably thinking, "that's kind of weird and unexpected", and you're totally right. Being the creative girl who's pretty good with numbers and budgets is no joke, but I love it. My dream is to always work in a way where my business education, gift of creativity, and passion for purpose would intersect in exciting ways.

I live in a big yellow house with my friends where I love making people breakfast and really good coffee, talking over a glass of wine, and hopefully inspiring people to the same deep love I have for BlueBell Mint Chocolate Chip, Hamilton, and the rosemary bread at HEB. I also love my bike, Google calendar, and my family (not in that order).

I'm truly honored that you're here. Really. But the greatest honor to me is being a sub creator of the Creator Himself. So here's my hope- that you would see His heart reflected in the people and designs you're looking at. That you would see goodness and laughter and light.

Check out my stuff