Micah + Kelly


About a year ago before an A&M football game, Micah pulled me aside, very intentionally, at a tailgate and proceeded to tell me that he really wanted me to take the pictures whenever he proposed to Kelly…

“… so be expecting a call in about a year.” HAHAHA OK MICAH. Isn’t that the worst? Good news and then you gotta wait a whole year?

So days pass, months add up, and life keeps moving. But one day I’m studying and I pull up my email and see a message from Micah in my inbox with the subject line: Hey There.

*remembers conversation from a year ago. checks watch. checks calendar.* And I knew.

Micah. He’s a man of his word. One year later, all the plans for a proposal sat in my inbox and I was just beside myself.

So fast-forward to the actual day after many days of having to keep this secret tucked away. It was seriously the HAPPIEST day. I’ve shot quite a few proposals, and my face has never hurt afterwards from smiling SO much!

Watching the Lord’s faithfulness prevail as these friends have navigated each season, from our freshman year of college to now, has been such a sweet joy for me. From the seasons and moments that felt like I had the front-row seat to the ones that I didn’t even hardly glimpse, they’ve all woven together into a beautiful story that I feel honored to even have a small thread in. Praise God for His goodness in giving me such loyal and faithful friends and for letting me be a part of some of the very best stories.

Micah + Kelly, telling your story is a gift!