Lake Tahoe, NV


There’s a lot of seasons to this life and something God taught me in 2018 was to be content and enjoy the blessings of each one. The season I’m in is so unique, because while lots of my close friends are starting their careers, getting married, and moving to big cities, I’m still studying for class, taking a lot of pictures, and have a whole lot of friends that are between the ages of 18 and 20.

There is something really beautiful about this season and seeing the world through the eyes of these younger friends. It is a GREAT and undeserved joy to watch as they pursue godly friendships, seek wisdom, uncover the way God created them, and desire so earnestly to follow Jesus. In fact, that’s still MY season too. Trying to figure out who I am in the light of God’s great love for me. So as I watch The Lord mold and shape these hearts and cultivate honesty, depth, selflessness, joy, patience, discipline, and peace in them, I’m instilled with a deep hope that He is doing the same for me.

The trip was MAGIC. The Lord was so kind to let me have a front-row seat to the laughter coming from the kitchen, the cheers of ringing in the New Year, the unfinished puzzle on the table, the stillness in the morning as books and journals are opened, the faces of joy and accomplishment as dinner was served, the view as Clare snowboarded alongside me, the hikes up to Cave Rock, and the tears that were cried as we hiked down for the last time. All these moments and precious memories... Surely He is in all of it!

Forever grateful for this trip that turned from a small getaway with my mom and sister, to a literal party with 11 of my favorite freshman girls and my best friend.