Maddi Dunton


This is Maddi and she is seriously the coolest most beautiful gal. 

If you follow me on instagram, you probably saw my story of my sister (Aly Jo) and I making this flower crown in my car... Partially a disaster, partially a TOTAL WIN. I had this feeling that Maddi was a flower crown kinda girl, so we decided to surprise her! I had her send me a picture of her dress and Aly Jo and I picked out flowers to match at Whole Foods and attempted to construct this bad boy. But seriously... I am legit so proud of how it turned out! S/o to my dentist for the container of floss that we used to cut the wire to secure it. #resourceful #woke

Two bonuses of this whole deal: Maddi is going to be at Texas A&M in the Fall which means she has to keep being my friend! HA! And second, I get to spend even MORE time with Maddi in front of my camera in a couple weeks because I'm shooting her sister's wedding! So get ready to see some more of this total babe soon.