Mason + Rachel


White Rock lake // Dallas, tx

First of all, you should definitely read this post in an East Texas accent, because that's how I'm writing it. Rachel claims she doesn't have one... whatever. No one gets out from "behind the pine curtain" without one.

I didn't meet Rachel until the end of my freshman year at Texas A&M, but she quickly became one of my very dearest friends. I noticed that she is honest, authentic, grateful, always serving others, doesn’t let the things of this world trouble her, and finds genuine joy and contentment in each situation she is in. When you find a friend that good, it's hard to believe that any guy could ever be good enough for them…


But, Mason... my goodness. He so far exceeds every hope you could have for a friend like Rachel. In fact, I've never known them apart from each other. Rachel + Mason started dating their senior year of high school, and finally got engaged this past December (which was truly the best day ever). As my friendship with Rachel has grown throughout our time in college, I've realized that she is her truest self around Mason, and that he makes her even more beautiful than she already is. There's something about them that puts people at ease. When you're with Rachel + Mason, you just feel like family. I've always felt the freedom to be myself around these two, never feeling like I have to earn their approval. They simply love me and anyone else they know. They're the kind of people that you wanna sit on their couch or at their kitchen table all day and just "be".


I seriously feel like the luckiest gal to be a part of their story. I'll never forget when Mason texted a group of our friends "BOOM." with the picture of Rachel's ring around Thanksgiving, our not-so-secret meeting at Denny's to plan the proposal, and then December 7. Spending the entire day with Mason, helping him keep his head on straight, and get everything just right to drop a knee and ask his lady if she was down for forever. She was, of course. Hiding behind a tractor in that field, freezing my butt off, was the best 'fly on the wall' experience of all time. And since I'll be standing next to them, and not behind my camera on June 9 when they seal the deal, they drove up to Dallas for a weekend to hang out and let me take their engagement pictures.


Now that I'm sitting down to write this, I'm realizing that I could seriously write a novel about them, their love for Jesus, each other, and their people.

It's the sweetest privilege to tell your story, Rachel + Mason, and even sweeter to be a part of it. June 9, come quick.