hey HEY, it's me aud!

I’m so glad you’re here! Seriously.

I fell in love with photography during my time in college as God graciously instilled in me a passion for capturing both the everyday and the extraordinary, weaving together to tell a beautiful story of His goodness. I’m an artist, learner, and honest photographer for awesome people and I can’t wait to know you and be a part of telling YOUR story!

A little about me - I'm recently graduated from Texas A&M, where I studied accounting and marketing, which is a wild story that I’d love to tell you sometime. I currently live in Plano, TX where I’m finally taking on photography as my full-time gig! WHAT A LIFE.

A couple things I love a lot are making space for people to be themselves, really great coffee, tacos + margs, life-giving conversation, and learning more and more about God! On a normal day, you can probably find me sitting in a coffee shop drinking a flat white + editing photos, dreaming of all the things I wanna do, convincing myself that I’m a reader, listening to some new playlist I made on Spotify, or eating tacos. Or maybe all of those things at the same time.

Being invited into some of the sweetest moments of your life is something I don't take lightly. I truly believe that telling stories is one of the greatest privileges on the planet because I know that they ultimately do not belong to us. So, no matter why you stopped by, my hope for you is the same- that you would see the heart of God reflected in the people you're looking at. That you would see His goodness and laughter and light.



Here’s a COUPLE pHOTOS that basically sum it up for me: